Short Version: Two time startup builder and currently a Corporate Strategist within SAP SE’s Global Office of the CEO.  With eight years of startup experience and nine years of corporate experience, I am proud to have worked closely with Fortune 100 Corporations, Startups, Incubators and Ventures (career spanning).  An avid public speaker and blogger, quoted in Forbes and Harvard Business Review.  Most recently, our family co-founded a non-profit foundation to drive support for research pertaining to children with pediatric heart defects.

Long Version:  Whether it’s sales, product development, or directly within the Office of the CEO for one of the world’s most respected brands, I am proud to have lived on both sides of the coin – Startup & Corporate.  Having a deep passion for connecting the ambiguous dots and connecting the right people to rapidly make an impact; my life’s work will be defined by my goal to help people “build” things that matter.

With eight years of startup experience and ten years of global corporate experience, I have worked closely with Fortune 100 Corporations, Startups, Incubators and Ventures (career spanning).  An avid public speaker and blogger, quoted in Forbes and Harvard Business Review.

Startup: Prior to SAP, I was fortunate to work with a creative, driven startup at The Sycamore Group (later split into MODA Technology Partners) collaboratively leading a small team that incubated, designed, developed and sold one of the earliest pharma-based QC products (catalyst to exit to global Bio-Pharmaceutical firm). The product(s) we created became a spearhead for wireless handheld data capture in pharmaceutical cleanroom environments.  While this was the most thrilling time of my career, this model was my go to approach with other startups thereafter.

Corporate: Prior to the current SAP Global Corporate Strategy role, I was honored to be selected by the Office of the CEO of SAP to serve in a Senior Advisor role working closely with the SAP leadership globally.  2010 was dedicated to designing and implementing several new go-to-market models for SAP, growing a line of business greater than $148M. At the close of 2014, growth contributions of 31%, 32%, 48% (year over year) within Industry Custom Software built Solutions at SAP ensued.   In this go-to-market role, a team of seven, incubated, designed, developed and sold Industry Products for SAP. In prior go-to-market roles; led the board approval with SAP leaders, placing two Utilities Industry Solutions on the SAP official price list.  Prior to the product development and GTM roles, carrying the bag in a direct sales role was my mission the first few years at SAP.

Community Organizations: Currently, mentoring with the NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) foundation helping low-income community Entrepreneurs find their paths to success.

In 2016, I was also honored to be asked to be a mentor for 1871 and GSV Labs (Accelerators/Incubators) respectively in both the Chicago and Silicon Valley areas.

Education: M.B.A. Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management having previously earned a B.S. in Finance from the West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Hobbies include collecting and playing various vintage guitars and amplifiers, family time and Ice Hockey with friends on occasion.